Birth Chart Reports

Relationship Reports

Forecast Reports

Astro Chart Calculation Services

- All about you

- Matters of the heart

- Timing is everything

- Chart calculations of all types (no interpretations)

Astro* Intelligence Reports

Kno U Numerology Reports

- By Liz Greene and Robert Hand, snail mail only

- By Matthew Oliver Goodwin: Insightful, Accurate, Life-Inspiring

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Solar Fire V9   Solar Fire online user guide

Nova Chartwheels v 9.8

Getting the Most from Solar Fire

Secrets of a Locality Astrologer

- Our best seller, encyclopedic in scope

- Cutting edge, for the serious astrologer

- How-To DVDs for Solar Fire Learning DVD from an astro-locality expert

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JigSaw v 2.2

Placidus 5.1 and 6.0

Imperial Astrologer


- For research, rectification and family dynamics

- Hellenistic, Arab and Medieval astrology

- Chinese astrology

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Professional Natal Reports 2

Asteroid Goddesses

Personal Numerology

Optimum Child

Professional Forecaster

Complete Relationship Report


Mayan Life Path Report

Sample report (pdf) - Barack Obama

Sample report (pdf) - Diana, Princess of Wales

Sample report (pdf) - Barack Hussein Obama

Sample report (pdf) - Shirley Temple

Sample report (pdf) - Sarah Palin

Sample report (pdf) - JFK and Jackie Kennedy

Sample report (pdf) - Madonna

Sample report (pdf) - Mel Gibson

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Asteroid Add-On for Solar Fire


ACS PC Atlas

Astrolabe Fonts

Astrological Mandalas

AstroMusic: The Music of the Planets

Data Collections

Cosmic Ray Screensaver

Galastro Deep Space Objects

- Featuring 10,000+ Asteroid Ephemerides for use in Solar Fire

- Plan your events according to the moon's phases

- Worldwide long/lat and timezone database

- Desktop publishing-quality fonts

- Windows software for generating your own mandalas

- Software that translates planetary positions into music

- Horoscope collections of famous people, each under $100

- Archetypal symbols in stunning mandalas

- Over 1,100 nonstellar objects for natal charts

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Astrology T Shirts

DVDs and CDs


Production of the StarDate Pendant is temporarily suspended

- Cosmically-minded InfiniTees™

- Tips, instructions, astro-meditation, Gary's predictions

- To more fully use our software, for reference and for the history of astrology

- Your personal horoscope on an 18K gold pendant

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